With the SANVEO approach, end users will benefit from the lowest optimum cost of ownership. Inefficiency and waste in the use of labor and materials will be eliminated. And to make things simpler, design and construction will be through a single point of contact for the most effective co-ordination and clarity of responsibility.

Sanveo’s approach involves working with the design team and client to determine overall long-term cost benefits to incorporating sustainable practices, starting with design through construction and life of the facility. Professionals at Sanveo help take customers through the systems that take advantage of natural energy (e.g., solar chimneys, remote air intake systems) and incorporate construction materials with low toxic emissions or a high-recycled content. For example, in the case of the demolition and construction of new facilities, construction waste materials can be recycled and used them in current projects (e.g., use excavated material for backfill and road-building use), or to recycling facilities in the region. These are just examples of what Sanveo does to help its customers build green.

Sanveo often purchase previously used steel and refurbish it for use on a projects. If used for a foundation bracing system, for example, the steel can then be cleaned and reworked under the guidance of our engineers for future jobs. Specially marked dumpsters ensure proper recycling and jobsite removal of concrete and steel to reduce construction waste sent to landfills.


Highest Quality of Design

» Has a world-class design team that has the experience from having worked on prestigious projects worldwide.

» Utilizes the latest building materials that are being developed worldwide

» Utilizes the latest 3D design tools such as Autodesk’s Revit and NavsWorks


Sustainable Green Buildings

» LEED certified smart, sustainable Green Buildings.

» Using the latest sustainable green building materials and techniques