Sanveo is a fully integrated practice company bringing all the activities from design to project execution and project delivery. Providing measurably more value for customers is Sanveo’s guiding principle in the use of technology to enhance project delivery.

As a long-established leader in Virtual Design and Construction (VDC), Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Integrated Project Delivery (IPD), team Sanveo knows that technology alone cannot deliver the level of results one has come to expect. Team members must be able to skillfully use and improve the application of technology to continuously achieve better value and savings. Experience has proven that it is the combination of technology and a collaborative ideology that yields the greatest returns.

The process begins with the owner, as the primary stakeholder, and travels throughout the team to even the smallest subcontractor. To gain the most value, the investment in VDC, BIM or IPD must be made upfront when it can have the greatest influence over the project. In most cases, the initial cost averages approximately half-a-percent of the total construction cost, and if done ideally at project start, can potentially realize a return of more than two or three times the early outlay.